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Genetically Unique Brook Trout Found on Tug Hill!

Genetically unique brook trout have been found in isolated headwaters of the Tug Hill!

Trout Power teamed up with the Tug Hill Chapter of Trout Unlimited and The Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust to offer our expertise on citizen science protocols for a 2019 study that sampled dna from brook trout caught by anglers in waters across the Tug Hill.

“The uniqueness of the sampled trout appears to be even more pure or distinct than other unique strains identified in the Adirondacks,” said Paul Miller, a local member of Trout Unlimited, and a board member of both Trout Power and Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust.

The sampled fish exhibit almost no sign of genetic mixing with non-native or hatchery raised stock, so appear to be native strains well suited to their habitat and deserving of genetically distinct strain protections.

Read the full report here!

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