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Trout Power is enlisting the power of anglers to protect, restore and enhance heritage brook trout populations and their habitats across their native range, through

citizen science, advocacy and stewardship.

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Trout Power is a proud 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2012. Our citizen science efforts seek to identify, map, monitor and advocate for protection of wild and genetically unique brook trout populations in the Adirondacks and wherever they are found throughout New York.

mission focus.


genetic analysis.

Our current focus is species specific to brook trout, and regionally specific to the Adirondack Park and other wild areas of New York State. Trout Power uses genetic analysis of fish tissue samples in order to document and potentially identify genetically unique brook trout. Samples are collected from fish that are caught using fly rods and barbless hooks. Trout are handled using safe fish handling practices, kept in the water, and all fish are released.

Since the inception of the genetic analysis project in 2016, Trout Power has caught and released over hundreds of brook trout and has documented hundreds of tissue samples.  The tissue samples are compared to the 6 stocked strains that are stocked within NYS. To date, Trout Power has identified multiple possible genetically unique strains of brook trout. 

Trout Power works closely with other organizations and state agencies such as Trout Unlimited and the NYSDEC. Currently we're working on multiple projects in various areas throughout New York State.

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pay it forward.

It's pretty simple.  We need more help to find, advocate for and protect our New York's brook trout.  They are native.  They are an ecologically and a culturally significant part of the northeast. They are an indication of a healthy ecosystem.  

We rely on help from people to manage projects, be on committees, just fish, or donate.  Either way, we have to know how to get in touch with you.

Find out how to get involved below.

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